Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Modern Quilting Magazine

Linda sent me this, via Lynn at Lily's Quilts.

Looks like an awesome magazine. 

Modern Quilting Magazine

Two years ago, when I started quilting, I never thought I'd make something which would appear in a magazine and yet yesterday this plopped into my letterbox.  Issue one of a brand new modern quilting magazine, called Modern Quilting Magazine.  You can subscribe here and get 10% off your subscription using this discount code S5IE4PYF.   This code has now been fixed and make sure you choose free postage for the subscription option!.  It is ram jam wham bam packed with wonderful projects, articles, information and ideas.  There are Amy Butler projects (yes, plural):

Articles about fabric designers including one about our very own Aneela Hooey:

All sorts of sized projects, from little mug cozies to full sized quilts and everything in between including this fabulous bag designed by Sara at Sew Sweetness (which I tried to persuade the editor to send me but annoyingly Sara wants it back):

And last but not in the least bit least a scrappy tiling pillow made by me.  Eeep.  Yes, me.  This now resides with my Granny Smith (I can't now remember if she was named after the apple or vice versa but in our family we call her HRH because she tells us what we did wrong, like having the wrong hairdo or wearing the wrong jumper or not putting the jam in a little bowl at breakfast).  Anyway, after it had been to its Britain's Next Top Quilted Item photoshoot, I sent it to her for Christmas, fully expecting the gift to be a darn nuisance as most of our gifts have been deemed to be over the past few years.  Like the ready decorated Christmas tree we sent her which she opened upside down so all the soil fell out onto the carpet.  That was a darn nuisance.  But apparently she loved the pillow and it was quite the talk of the nursing home for a few days.  She wasn't quite sure who'd made it but did think it was made either by me or by one of my sisters (who can't sew for toffee) but that's fine too. 

And I just want to take a moment to congratulate Vick who edits the magazine and Kerrie whose idea it was in the first place.  You have put together a wonderful magazine.  It was all that I hoped it would be and more and it is so exciting to think that one day I might stroll into a shop where a magazine is being sold and someone might open it and say - ooh look at that lovely pillow and I might casually say - oh gosh yes, that is a pretty project, I imagine someone very clever must have come up with that idea.  OK, I live in some kind of crazy fantasy parallel universe but I shall be hanging out in my local WHSmiths all next week next to the magazine section.  Say hi if you see me there. 

Subscription looks to be about $38 ish (25 pounds) with an additional $11 shipping to the US for 6 issues.

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