Thursday, June 28, 2012

Logo Block Winner!

After several months and some stunning entries, I'm excited to announce that the winner (by unanimous vote!) of the Logo Block Challenge is

Amy Verne!!!

Amy was so thoughtful with her design. The red, yellow and black represent Maryland's flag. The dresden design is in honor of our state flower, the Black Eyed Susan. The purple and orange blades of the dresden  are for our beloved teams, the Ravens and Orioles. 

Amy's award winning block is now our official logo!

You can download a jpeg of the block here (perhaps to make a name tag?!)

Now that we have an official logo block, how about some logo designs?

I made up a couple. Please weigh in and make some suggestions!

Business/Membership card?


  1. Personally, I like the second two designs better than the first layout. The third (last) one looks more 'professional' somehow, but either one will do.

    Now we need a BANNER made with our logo!

    :) Linda

  2. I like the second and third. It looks great :)

  3. I like the third option the best because it highlights BMQG initials.

  4. I like the 3rd one - I think it is easiest to read and I like how the initials stand out going down the side.