Monday, July 15, 2013

Name Tag Challenge

For about a year now I have been toying with the idea of a name tag challenge and I must admit that I myself have not yet made one. As I was sitting in our meeting yesterday I noticed Brooke’s handmade nametag and it lit a fire in me to finally get this done! Go Brooke, for being ahead of the game. I am ready to throw those sharpies and “Hello My Name is …” stickies out the window. Are you with me?! (okay, I guess we can keep a couple around).

So here is the challenge… Create a handmade (preferably quilted) name tag influenced by the BMQG logo. You can use the image directly or if you prefer you can use it as inspiration for the creation of your own unique design. You can make it any size/shape that you would like, just be sure that your name appears clearly enough to be read from across the room.

Deadline - October Meeting.


For some added inspiration check out Pintrest’s Quilty Name Tag Board.

For a peak at what some of the other MQG’s have come up with check out the list of links at the Ventura MQG site.


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