Thursday, November 14, 2013

November: Round Robin 2013 Quilt Tops Completed

Our Round Robin group activity wrapped up this month, and participants were able to see their completed quilt top for the first time. Each quilter provided a square to start, whether pieced or a swatch of a favorite fabric. Directions were provided for each month (included at the bottom of this post for reference) on what to add. What a great range of color palettes and individual expression!  Those of us that didn't participate are super inspired to join in for the next one.

 Diane started with a green and turquoise center square.
 Deb created a turquoise, lime green, and purple star for her center.
Laura used black, gray, and various greens for her  modern cross  center square.

 Jan chose a favorite floral fabric in blue and yellow. 
 Nancy started with a modern patchwork square in black and white.
 Daniella had a clear theme in mind with her pieced sewing machine to start things off.  Other quilters had fun coming up with creative ways to continue Daniella's theme.   We are guessing Daniella plans to use this as a wall hanging in her sewing room!

Summer's black and purple center star really set the stage for a fall color palette. 

 The blues and greens added to Shari's orange and yellow center square add a nice balance.

 Linda was thinking ahead and submitted a holiday print for her center square.  She included some extra fabric for follow-in quilters to incorporate as they wished.  

Round Robin 2013 Directions: Each person makes a starting block, which will become the starter block for the quilt top they will own at the end. At the end of each round, the quilt should be delivered to the next meeting for exchange (if you can’t make it to the meeting, please drop it off at Seminole before the meeting or send it in with a friend).  The quilt top should always be kept in the“secret pouch” until the big reveal. The quilt’s owner should not see the quilt until the end.
Here is the breakdown (measurements below are finished- for unfinished measurement, add ½ inch – Also remember for each round you are only adding two sides):

February: 12” or less block (rectangle or square)
March: 2” square or rectangle border
April: 3” triangle border
May: 4” stripe border
June: 3” solid border
July: whatever it needs (any size)
August: 4” curves or circle border
September: 4”flying geese border
October: 4” star border
November: whatever it needs (any size)
Fabric Options:  You may include all the fabrics that you want used in your quilt OR each person can add the necessary coordinating fabric to your piece. Please only use quilt shop quality, modern fabrics.
Instructions for your group: Be sure to include instructions in your box or bag so the others know what you envision as a finished project.  (For example: Do you wantonly the fabric you provided or may others be added?  What will the finished project be used for: tablecloth, wall hanging, or lap quilt? Will your quilt have a theme or color scheme?  What kind of appliqué do you want used or not used in your quilt?)
Other Options: If you would like you may include…
Label: A label that each person may sign.
Journal: journal or journal page so that each person in your group can know why you made the original piece and each person can add a comment about their choices as they add on to your quilt top.

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