Sunday, February 2, 2014

Proposed changes to by-laws

The Executive Board proposes amending the BMQG by-laws, Article 6 - Officers and their responsibilities - to include new positions of Vice Presidents of Education. Proposed changes are highlighted. We will vote on the changes at the February 2014 meeting.

Article 6:
Officers & Their Responsibilities
·         The Guild shall have a president, vice president for membership, vice president for programs, vice president for communications, vice president for community relations, vice presidents for education, librarian, and treasurer and compose the Executive Board.
·         Each officer can serve in that office for only two one-year consecutive terms with the exception of the Vice Presidents of Education who each shall serve a two-year term. The Vice Presidents of Education shall start their terms so that they overlap by one year.
·         Each office gets one Executive Board vote.
·         If a vacancy occurs, except in the office of President, the vacancy will be filled by Executive Board appointment.

·         The President shall lead all meetings.
·         The President shall schedule regular Executive Board meetings.
·         The President is the voice of the Guild.

Vice President for Membership
·         The Vice President for Membership (VPM) shall serve as assistant to the President in all matters.
·         The VPM shall maintain the membership roster and also take care of large scale correspondence, sending out e-vites for special events, managing RSVPs, etc.
·         In the event the President cannot complete their term in office, the VPM can assume all responsibilities. Should this instance occur, the remainder of the term does not count towards to the two consecutive terms” as mentioned above.

Vice President for Programs
·         The Vice President for Programs or co-VPPs shall initiate Guild programming.
·         The VPP is responsible for maintaining lists of current bees.
·         The VPP creates a schedule for various swaps to take place throughout the calendar year.

Vice President for Communications
·         The Vice President for Communications shall take notes of all motions made and carried out at each general or special meeting.
·         The VPC shall ensure that all communications vehicles are maintained.

Vice President for Community Relations
·         The Vice President for Community Relations proposes donation opportunities to BMQG membership.
·         The VPCR organizes the delivery of any quilts made to the various charities.

Vice Presidents for Education
·    The Vice Presidents for Education provide a platform of quality, modern quilting-related events for guild members. These events may be lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and field trips.
·    The VPE negotiate speaker contracts and ensure that logistics are coordinated for speakers.
·    The VPE track registration, class supplies and cooridinate workshop locations.

·         The Librarian shall maintain a record of the Guild’s library and facilitate the lending of materials.

·         The Treasurer shall receive and bank all BMQG monies, disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Board and maintain records of all funds.
·         A brief financial report shall be made at each meeting or on an as-needed basis. All expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer.
·         The Treasurer shall prepare the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and shall present it at the November meeting.
·         A member of the Executive Board shall be signatory on checking accounts along with the Treasurer.
·         Expenses totaling over $400 will need to be approved by the Executive Board.  
·         There will be an audit of the BMQG funds every year. The audit will be conducted by a committee comprised of 2-3 BMQG members.  

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