Sunday, March 30, 2014

BMQG Feather Quilt Project

Linda's Feather Tutorial

Linda volunteered to put together a feather quilt to donate to our Quilt Bingo in October.   She organized a sew-in to get members started.   Inspiration for creating a feather quilt came from Anna Marie Horner and you can find pictures of it on her page.

Linda drafted up a feather template/foundation in the same size/shape which is great to learn how to put one together especially if you are only creating one or two.   The original Anna Marie Horner quilt was done using strip piecing and templates, and there are tutorials posted on her page.

Linda's guidelines to create a feather for our quilt:

Scraps of fabric for the 'feather' spines - and about 4" to 6" by whatever size you have ( the scraps don't have to be square, they can be rectangles/strips). You will want a narrow dark scrap at least 3/4" wide for the central spine of each feather you piece (whatever neutral solid fabric you like:) 

As far as colors/prints, use whatever appeals to you. Nature has a LOT of different kinds of birds and diversity makes a quilt more interesting. We are using a white background. The finished feathers measure about 6" x 20", a little variance from that is fine.

 Pictures from the sew-in at the Randallstown Library: