Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 9, 2014 Meeting

Wow, we had a great turnout for our March meeting.   Big thanks to those who worked our booth at the Baltimore Sewing Expo.   We had over 60 people sign-up for more information about out guild, and 10 people attended and joined at the March meeting. 


March Show and Share:

Daniela presented a tutorial on how to create a quilted purse or tote that uses pieces of a 1" metal tape measure to create a bag closure that will snap open and shut.  Daniela emphasized the importance of being extremely careful when cutting the metal strips. She advised to round the edges with your scissors, always cut over a trash can to catch the small, sharp, pieces,  and apply masking tape to trimmed edges so they won't cut through the bag fabric. Thanks Daniela!!.


 Several guild members attended a weekend retreat and brought their quilt tops to share with the group.   It's very inspiring to see how much you can accomplish in a few days without the distractions of home life!


UFO's: This very cold winter in Baltimore has inspired members to complete their unfinished quilt so they can make room for new projects. 
We also saw some projects from classes attended on quilt design, bag construction, and piecing techniques.





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