Saturday, May 17, 2014

Modern Spin BOM May

Hi All!

Two blocks this month: Rolling Stone and Bachelor's Puzzle.

I'm linking to some tutorials that I used that may give you more details.

First, Rolling Stone. You'll need one fat quarter of print A and print B

From print A cut (5) 4.5" squares and (2) 2.5" x 17"
From print B cut (2) 2.5" x 17" and (16) 2.5" squares

Picture is missing 1 4.5" square! Don't be alarmed!

Sew together the 17" strips (one light, one dark.) Subcut each into (2) 4.5" squares (4 total.)

Draw diagonal lines on 2.5" squares. Using sew and flip method, sew 2 squares to opposite corners of each of 4 squares. Trim, flip, press. Add two additional 2.5" squares to remaining corners. Trim, flip, press. 

Lay out your units. Sew into rows and columns. That's it!

Bachelor's Puzzle (this is a great tutorial, however, I used a quicker method for the hsts!)

You'll need:

(4) 3.5" squares background fabric A
(2) 5.75" squares background fabric A
(2) 5.75" squares fabric B
(2) 5.75" squares fabric C

When it came time to sew, I traded the four yellow/green squares for white background fabric.

With right sides together, sew the 5 3/4" squares together, around all 4 sides. Sew AB, AC and BC together. Press.  Cut the squares on each diagonal line to create 4 hst units from each pairing. Square hst units to 3.5"

Arrange hst units and squares, using the finished block (or the linked tutorial) as a guide. Sew in rows and columns.

Two more blocks finished! Way to go!

See you in June with another block!

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