Sunday, March 1, 2015

Name Tag Swap

Are you ready for a swap?

We are planning to have a name tag swap in April.  You will draw a name of another quilter and make a name tag for them to wear to meetings to help us learn everyone's names.  You will receive a name tag in return.  You can make the name tag in a fun shape.  You can use tiny scraps.  You can use a text print to spell out the name, embroider it, or use fabric markers.   We have some great examples in our guild.  You can have the name tag attach with a pin or a lanyard. Try to keep the nametags under five inches in any direction.

Sound fun?

There are some examples on Pinterest boards:

Charleston Modern Quilt Guild

Guild Nametag Ideas

Quilted Name Tags

MQG Nametags

We will exchange names at the meeting on Sunday, March 7.  If you are unable to come to the meeting but are interested in being part of the swap, email me and I will fill out a slip for you and add it to the swap.  (I'll let you know your partner after the meeting).  

See you soon!

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