Sunday, July 5, 2015

June Guild Meeting

We had a great meeting with lots of members in attendance. Our meeting included 1) Block exchanges, 2)  our change purse swap,  3) a design presentation by Rose teaching some alternate grid design techniques that are popular in modern quilting. 4) a discussion by the House of Ruth in Baltimore on their B-More Bags fundraising project, and 5) our "Show and Share" time for members to show their finishes while discussing what they learned in the process.

Bee Block Exchanges and Finishes


Coin Purse Swap



Alternate Grid Discussion

Rose led our alternate grid discussion. She started by reviewing all of the pictures on our blog for examples of traditional grid designs used by quilters to Alternate Grid layouts popular in modern quilting today. By using our quilts as a basis, Rose discussed layouts we have not used, to spark ideas and discussion on how best to design and piece them. Rose also brought card stock pre-cut into our favorite shapes to practice alternate grid layouts in small groups. The activity was a great complement to our discussion  We all came away with some inspiration to try something new. If you missed this meeting, you can find out more here on the Modern Quilt Guild site. This page also provides references to a number of books and articles that go into more detail on the topic.


 House of Ruth Fundraising Project

Jessica presented the types of bags the B-More Bags project makes to support the non-profit organization, the House of RuthB-More Bags are designed and hand crafted entirely by volunteers. Our guild is scheduling a Sew-In date to learn the patterns and techniques to create their bags.  Erin is coordinating this for the guild and will send out details for an August date. 

Member Show and Share

We presented Erin with a baby quilt made by the guild, Congratulations Erin on a beautiful baby girl!



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