Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Meeting Highlights -- August 14, 2016

We saw the first completed block for our QuiltCon charity quilt. Volunteers went home with fabric to complete the rest of the needed blocks.
Quilt design (left) and first block for the QuiltCon charity quilt

We had a Long-arm Panel discussion that was very informative.

Panelists from L to R: Claudine Chapman, Shelli Smith and Rebecca Ruch

Show & Share

Elizabeth Timmons

Erin Neuland

Carol Fox and Shelly Sandy

Shelli Smith

Marcia Schwartz

Kira Rashba

Rebecca Ruch

Carol Rubin
M J Snyder

M J Snyder

Mary Thomas

Rose Daly

Monica Richardson

Amy Hood

Hina McCree

Janine Byrnes

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