Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017 Meeting

Although I was unable to attend the June 2017 meeting, Rebecca S. forwarded some pictures of the Show & Share that I'm posting...

Gayne with a couple of quilts from the Pixelated Circles workshop.

Gayne's Maryland flag-inspired charity quilt.

Julie used the Pixelated Circles pattern to make a throw pillow.

Pam showed off a new quilt. The pattern will be available soon!

Maryland flag-inspired charity quilt.

Amy H. made this "Washi Dress"

Kira made this "Undercover Maker Mat" from a free Craftsy pattern.

Kira's beautiful sampler quilt

Daniela's Maryland flag-inspired charity quilt....

...and quilt from the Pixelated Circles workshop

Laura B.'s hexagons look great on this curtain panel!

Amy V. with a piece she made in the minimal piecing class at QuiltCon

Laura R.

Mary C.

Kathy S.

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