Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Baltimore MQG is going Virtual

Healthy and happy quilting to all of you at Baltimore MQG. In April and May we have gone virtual to stay busy and connected during this unusual time in all of our lives. In April, the guild met virtually via Zoom (an online video conferencing platform). Daniela worked very hard on a stunning slide show and was able to share all of the amazing quilting and sewing from our members. A highlight was seeing some of the stylish masks you all have been working on to help our community in this time of need. Phyllis, Barbara, Susan, Gayne, Valarie, Elaine, Marisa, Daniela, and Laura shared some of theirs below. Others have been working on some WIPs that have collected dust over the years.
Scroll down for more pics!

Here are some of the participants from the April virtual meet.

In May we had our members only workshop in which Janet and MJ introduced the guild to the "orange peel." Their presentation was very informative and explained the different ways the orange peel has been used in design. It was both informational and instructive. Thank you very much for such a great experience! 

Our members that participated:

Our next guild event will also be virtual in June. It will feature quilter Heather Kojan. Please check your email for updates on exact times and video conferencing links and passwords. I hope you all stay healthy and well. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Healthy Quilting Everyone!
Please note that we will be having a ZOOM Show and Share on SUNDAY 4/19 from 1:30-2:30pm. ZOOM is a video conferencing app. Please check your email for the link and meeting information. Please send your pictures of your completed quilting projects to Daniela (her email can be found in the members only section of the website).

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spring is in the air this March. So far 2020 has been very busy for our guild. There were four main events in the March meeting: Timna Tarr speaking, charity quilt reveal, one word challenge quilt reveal, and show & share. See below for some of the highlights.

Timna Tarr Speaker and Visit: Timna came all the way from Massachusetts to provide a "Map Quilt" workshop on Saturday and to speak at our guild meeting on Sunday. Timna is a professional long-arm quilter, but her personal quilts are also spectacular. She explained her fascination with squares, circles, and color. Here are some of her amazing works below.


One Word Quilt Challenge- This month was the big reveal for the One Word Quilt Challenge. This challenge was a follow-up from our January mini-clinic on different methods of displaying text on  quilts. Our members were creative using stitching, applique, piecing, and painting. The quilts of all sizes showed a variety of talent and creativity.

Read below for details about each chosen word. See if you can match it to the artist
Breath - Kathy P. - This word reminds me of this essential tool in my toolbox for keeping anxiety at bay. It was her first time doing improv, inspired by Chawne Kimber
Breathe - Sue W.- The word breathe is a reminder for me to take a moment during stressful times of my day at work. I plan to hang this above my desk.
Clarity - Laura B. - I am focusing on refining my life, particularly my sewing life to only contain what is right for me and my family
Confidence - Emily S. - I chose confidence because I’m a new quilter and because I struggle with imposter syndrome at work, especially since returning after having my daughter. Used paper piecing, hand-written made fabric, and free motion writing and quilting.
Finish - Daniela S. - I chose Finish because my goal for 2020 is to finish my UFO’s. I also included a mini UFO on a finish line to represent my goal.
Focus - Jane S. I chose focus so I can have the quilt there to remind me to keep with something until it’s complete
Freedom - Janine F - I have struggled with “internal” freedom and felt creativity is central to who I am
Grit - Marisa K - I chose grit because it is how I work every day.  I dig in hard and hopefully make something better each day.  NO GRIT, NO PEARL
Injustice - Ruthie G. - This quilt is part of a block of the month with the National Quilt Museum.  There was controversy over including it because it was created by a social action group, making a statement about Trayon Martin.
Janteloven - Jenn P. A Scandinavian word meaning to not strive for perfection, don’t be boastful or try to better than anyone else.
Justice - Sue T. - I chose justice because I am particularly concerned with environmental, social, economic, and criminal justice reform in the US and around the world and wanted to highlight it.
Kind - Susan B - Because I think kindness should be the norm.  Bee Kind!
Mercy - Jeff P. - The song “Mercy Now” by Mary Gauthier pretty much says it all
Moxie - Mega B - I chose moxie because it represents the way I want to approach all aspects of life.  Lots of firsts in the quilt: first mini quilt, FPP letters, improv background, non vertical line quilting, more than one color thread
Piano - Marsha B. - I am a retired music teacher and my instrument is the piano. Being retired, now I can play whatever I want and am enjoying playing new music and music I have played for years.
Retired - Phyllis C. - I retired 2 days ago so this was foremost in my mind.  The background is a bicycle chain which I hope to do more of in retirement. Bicycling – not bike repair.
Savage - Megan P. - After a difficult year last year I have really thought about putting my own artistic goals first this year and making my own goals a priority.  I’m read to “attack” my goals and I’m all “charged” up and ready for action!
Thankful - Connie R. - I did my work in Hebrew.  It is the first word you say when you wake up in the morning.
Vote -Barbara S. - I believe that Americans, regardless of their political views should speak up through the ballot box.
Vote and *%@#! – Susie M. – I chose vote because I feel like this election is one of the most important regarding women’s rights, note the reference to The Handmaid’s Tale. I chose a coded curse word because that is how I feel sometimes when making a mistake in sewing
Woodlea - Mary S. - Means by the woods, my favorite things to do is walk through the woods – it is my happy place.




Comfort Cases Charity Quilts - This month we wrapped up our charity quilts for Comfort Cases, a charity that provides a comforting gift to children entering foster care.


Show and Share - Our members have been very busy. See below for all of the amazing talent our members have together.

Monica  made 4 amazing quilts recently. She made a charity quit, two matching fox quilts for twins, and a charity quilt
Jenn  used fabric from a guild to make a donated charity quilt (HST pictured)
Susie finished her crab quilt improvised from last year's members only workshop and pattern.
Phylis J. finished the top of her grid design quilt 

Laura B- made a 3in triangle from a class that she took. Laura also used half rectangles. This quilt is donated to Head Start
Pat S. completed a block of the month quit with half square triangles. With the left overs from the half square triangles she made a bonus pillow that she is donating to bingo! 
Ruthie G. finished a Woodstock quilt challenge for her first quilt. In her 2nd quilt she used a mat using marine vinyl and used fusion to add the colors along with mod podge and polyurethane; she also made a matching toaster cover! 
Phyllis C. made a baby quilt for a friend from high school for her granddaughter named Violet. 
Kim F sewed a charity quilt 
Sarah L. took a straight line quilting class from quilt con, she also took a precision piecing class for her second quilt 

Jane bought some fabric in Florida and made a wonky circle style quilt
Amy V.  made a lunch box, the pattern was bought on Etsy 
Janine F. finished a quilt her mom made by completing the binding (see squares on point below) She also made a black a blue quilt for her husband (not pictured)
Daniela finished her book quilt and made into a quillow for her daughter. It is an Angela Pingel design 
Emily completed her 2 mini quilts, a heart and flower 
Elizabeth T started her quilt 5 years ago and  now it is finished!! (far bottom left, blue with interlocking "watches")
Susan B. completed her white and green quilt  that was made of a neighbor's grandchild
Barbara used fabric and pattern from quilty box; this is her first big modern quilting project 


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Happy winter Baltimore MQG! The February meeting was our charity sewing month for Comfort Cases. In a matter of 3 hours our guild was able to really knock out some amazing quilts. Our participants were able to piece, iron, assemble, baste, quilt, and bind all in one day. A HUGE thank you to Kathy S. for precutting the fabrics and organizing the event. Each group had a theme and captain to help things run smoothly. The final result of quilts will be presented at the March meeting on the 8th. Scroll down to see a few pictures of this fun day.
            Our next meeting on March 8th (see below for details) we will reveal those fun “word” quilts everyone has been working on. If you have not started, no worries. You can make it small and simple or big and extravagant. Everyone loves the different presentations of skill, ideas, and creativity.  

Here are also some opportunities to consider:
1.      NEXT Baltimore MQG meeting:
Sunday, March 8, 2020, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Program:  Guest Speaker and Trunk Show - Timna Tarr
(free for current BMQG members - $5 for guests)
One Little Word Challenge Quilts Reveal
Show and Share
Location:  Arbutus Branch - Baltimore County Library - 855 Sulphur Spring Road in Arbutus

2.      Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild Trick of the Light Workshop with Amy Krasnansky

Saturday, February 29th

Our guild was invited to be a guest if you would like to register please go to the link above

3.      Lancaster MQG workshop and/or lecture with Sherri Lynn Wood
March 6, 7, 2020
Please contact lancastermqg@gmail.com for information

4.      Destash Baltimore 2020: A Craft Swap

Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm
Roland Park Community Center, 5802 Roland Ave, Baltimore, United States
This is a swap and/or donate opportunity for fabric, yarns and patterns. Go to the link below for tickets and information

5.      Faithful Circle Quilters’ 2020 Quilt Show
April 16 & 17 2020 10:00 am to 6:00pm; April 18, 2020 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Pictures of February's Charity Quilt-a-thon

Monday, February 3, 2020

BMQG Field Trip

Our month started out with a fantastic field trip yesterday to the Maryland Historical Society for a tour by Mimi Dietrich. A big thanks to Jane Schiemer for organizing this great event! It was "sew" inspiring to hear Mimi describe her quilting journey. We also enjoyed the fabulous quilt display and social time with our "quilty" friends. 


Be sure to check out Mimi's blog as well 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Highlights from the first meeting of 2020

Daniela started off of the meeting welcoming a new year of 2020. We have some new members for 2020 and a new board (see below) . Be sure to introduce yourself to any new faces.

Our 2020 Leadership
President: Daniela Syed 
Vice President: Jenn Paulson
Treasurer: Jane Schiemer
Co-Directors of Communication: Marisa Krick and Susie Mueller 
Co-Directors of Membership: Cindy Barcelles and Jan Wemmer
Director of Programming: Kathy Schwabeland
Co-Directors of Education: Elizabeth Berger and Sarah Kachur
Community Relations Chair: Susan Brightman
Librarian: Diana Fertsch
Social Media Coordinator: Sarah Lefebvre

Kathy lead a “get to know you game” and “quilt bingo.”  Fun prizes were won!

Megan is collecting homemade items for the bingo in November. Please see the list of items on the website.  She is still in need of 6 people to make (lap-sized or larger) quilts for the bingo.

There were four different demo stations showing how to create lettering in different ways. Thank you for our volunteers.

Our next meeting is:
Sunday, February 9, 2020, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Charity Sewing - Assembly Line Style to donate to "Comfort Cases". Theme is "Bright and Bold." This month we will be hosting a sewing day to whip up a bunch of quilt tops for charity. Instructions TBA. 
(no show and share this month)  
Location:  Catonsville Branch - Baltimore County Library - 1100 Frederick Rd in Catonsville 

Show and Share
1 Susan B.- Showed  how she made comfort bags for rescued wildlife in Australia; she made a bat pouch, bird’s nest, and other animal comfort bags. The found out how to contribute through the ARCCG- craft guild collecting specific needs

2 Gayne  - Sewed a Frozen panel quilt for her granddaughter. She also sewed 2 dresses for her granddaughter and her granddaughter's Barbies.

3 Laura B- Made another charity quilt as a way to complete some of her WIPs.

4Kathy - Made a clam shell T-shirt quilt and used her husband’s favorite color (orange) for the back. Kathy used the “enders and leaders project” method to decrease thread waste to make a half square triangle quilt

5.        MJ – used her skills to make a fidget quilt for her cousin’s wife.  She reports it is a great way to use scraps.

6Emily S– new member reports that she had made a quilt toddler quilt. She completed blockers for her front door. Describe these door decorations as a “quick win”
    Jane S. – started on her “hot flashes” quilt at the October BMQG retreat. The pattern is from Cozy Quilt designs. She quilted it herself with a long arm.

8Elizabeth B. -Completed a quilt called  FPP
  Janet- completed a top from something she started four years ago. It is a log cabin based improv  quilt. She made it a rule to start with a larger center square

1Rebecca R. - Did not go to retreat, but was able to make 2 transparent bags (donated to bingo). She was able to complete a Michael Miller quilt. Her Mermaid quilt was a major accomplishment. She used the freezer paper and he line art from Urban Threads.

1Valarie M. – Showed and completed the heart pattern for an honored guild member that recently passed. The blocks were kindly donated from BMQG members who contributed their time and talent. The quilt top is completed and when quilted our dear member's daughter will receive it as a memorial gift from our guild.

1Laura R made her sister a quilt. It took a year to complete

1Connie R and Barbara H. - Both made personal sewing supply bag

1Jenn P. – Was able to finish her homemade shirts for Christmas. She did not finish her quilt.

1Jeff P. Made his first quilt using jelly rolls from Joann’s. He used a kit from Karen Star. He was proud to have finished the binding by hand. He also learned how to LAQ. His 3rd quilt (newest edition) has a southwest design. He used a half inch walking foot to quilt it.

1Sue T. made a bag and the exciting bag has a theme of reduce, reuse & recycle.

Lastly there was a presentation to Rose as the out-going president of the guild. It is known in the guild as the "president's quilt" and was constructed by the time and talents of many guild members.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Congratulations to our very own BMQG member and Social Media Coordinator - Sarah Lefebvre

Three of her recent quilts have been accepted to QuiltCon 2020!!

We are so happy for you Sarah and we look forward to enjoying your quilts at the show!

Blossom Burst - Riley Blake Designs Fabric Challenge (2019, First Place), MQG Showcase International Quilt Festival Houston (2019), QuiltCon (2020)

Kangaroo Court - QuiltCon (2020)

Chirality - QuiltCon (2020)