Thursday, June 13, 2019

General Meeting, June 9, 2019, Arbutus Public Library

Rose Daley led the meeting. We had Chawne Kimber, who taught a Small Piecing class on Saturday for the guild, lecturing on When the Cotton Was High.

Chawne is well known for her political expression quilts, some of which we got to see during the lecture.

Show and Tell:

M J Snyder shared her crab logo block and a recently finished quilt.

Amy Hood showed her finished dress made from fabric she dyed herself as well as three small quilts.

Elizabeth Timmons shows a her-made jacket.

Marcia Schwartz shared a table runner, wall hanging and
 finished top from her last year's Quilt In A Box swap.

Sarah Leffebvre share a finished quilt.

Betty Racicot made a charity quilt for the guild.

Stephanie Strunge shared her guild crab logo block but 
I could not catch a photo as she moved too fast. :)

Rebecca Ruch shared another charity quilt and a simple drawstring backpack, 
especially good for shopping trips to Sheep and Wool Festival.

Janet Schoenfeld shared a finished quilt and a top.

Rose Daley has discovered that making small quilts means she can finish more.

Ann Hussein shared her heart quilt, with thanks to all that contributed purple fabrics.

Michelle Morrison shared her finished rainbow beauty.

Daniela Syed shared a bag she made and a small house themed quilt. She will send out
 instructions for similar house blocks to make a bingo quilt soon.

Rebecca Nichols presented a quilt using Kaffe Collective fabrics, inspired by Monet's waterlilies.

Kate Lane shared a commission quilt she made using the giftee's uniforms from school.

Jane Schemier made a quilt using the design scheme arrangements 
made during a guild meeting project last year.

Monica Richardson shared her crab logo block made at May's members only workshop.

Photographs and posting by Linda Schiffer

Thursday, April 18, 2019

General Meeting, April 14, 2019, Arbutus Public Library

Daniela Syed, Vice President, led the meeting. She welcomed two new members, passed out April birthday fat quarters, and drew door prizes for all attendees.

The charity quilt committee announced a theme of ANIMALS for this year's donation quilts - this could be animal fabrics, pieced or appliqued or quilted animals shapes. 

The program chairs lead a lively discussion about QuiltCon and members' experiences with getting there, staying there, and participating in the show.

Daniela discussed current pricing ideas for our fall retreat and passed a list around to ask members what their intentions for attending might be (4 days stay, 3 days stay, day only and which days, etc.).

Daniela suggested that members start now to make prize items for next year's Quilt Bingo effort. She also asked for members to volunteer to organize and coordinate the creation of major prize quilts (bed sized) - if we begin now, there will be less last-minute stress next year to get them finished.

Show and Tell

Sarah Lefebvre shared her wonky HST piece, "Functional Art"

Linda Schiffer showed her mini New York Beauty made for a swap on Instagram

Jane Schiemer showed a quilt made for her husband, 

Her finished layered curves class project,

And a completed UFO from a Jane Clark class.

MJ Snyder shared a machine embroidered and appliqued Japanese girl;

She also shared her 15 minutes of Play product and her flip-and-sew construction method for making a backing.

Liza Tuzo shared a Christmas quilt,

And a modified Sam Hunter pattern she made with

Pinwale corduroy backing fabric.

Rebecca Ruch shared her LOVE quilt 
(also a Sam Hunter pattern from the book “Quilt Talk”)

Mary Sloat showed her finished top from the curves class.

Mary Thomas shared her finished Tula Pink city sampler, started when she was
pregnant with first son who is now 5 1⁄2. She free-motion quilted blocks on her
domestic machine and did some ruler quilting on borders.

 Rebecca Nichols' husband recently bought a canvas sewing industrial machine for making sails on their boat. Learning to use it, she made Cornhole game bags  for her daughter spelling ANNA and ROSS (her son-in-law), 

and a canvas tote bag incorporating her husband's old jeans.

Susan Brightman finished an MAQ class project with sashiko stitching to make a Japanese knot bag that she uses for her hand sewing and associated notions. She got the pattern from pinterest and enlarged it by 200%.

 Stephanie Strunge made this quilt in an MAQ class, and quilted it with ideas from Jackie Gehring, “Sometimes this is how I feel.”

 Sue Till made an animal-themed quilt for a charity donation.

Post created by Linda Schiffer
April, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

March 10, 2019 General Meeting

Arbutus Public Library, Catonsville, MD

Rose Daley, president, led the meeting. The April meeting will also be held at the Arubutus library and will include a recap of QuiltCon, a swap of name tags, and bee exchanges.

The guild retreat contract has been signed. Retreat will be held the first weekend in October at Pearlstone Retreat Center. More details will be available in the summer.

Bee groups (including Quilt in a Box) begin at today's meeting. 

There will be a sew-in on March 30th for one of our charity organizations, the House of Ruth. Details will follow in an email.

Jackie Gehring presented a lecture on Creativity and Outsider Influences on Modern Quilt Making.

Show and Tell items were presented by the following people: 
Janet Schoenfeld (@JanetMay12 on IG), Laura Rieben (@laurarieben), Pat Simrell, Sue McKenzie (@suewmckenzie), Amy Hood (@amyhoodarts), Laura Battatzis (@salmonandsouvlaki), Sue Myers (@suemomquilts), Diane Winter, Rebecca Ruch (@beccascrazyprojects), Kristy Taylor, Paula Wittek, Monica Richardson, Andee McKenica, Stephanie Strunge, Susan Brightman, Daniela Syed (@sewcutenlovely), and Sarah and Rose.

Here are the shared quilts:

Photographs taken and this post written by Linda Schiffer. 
All errors are her own.