Tuesday, September 10, 2013

October Elections

Hi All!

At our October meeting, we will elect the board of officers for the next year. We'd love to have you participate! If you're interested in being considered for a position, leave a comment and we'll add you to the ballot. The following people have thrown their hat(s) in the ring. Always room for more hats. If there is only one person running for a position, we will have a hand vote to vote that person in. If we have two or more candidates, we will have a paper ballot. To be in the running, leave a comment no later than the end f day Wednesday October 9th. Voting will take place during out October 13th meeting. Thank you!

2014 Election of Officers
President:  The President leads meetings, schedules regular Executive Board meetings and is the voice of the Guild.
1.      Deb Kleiner
2.      _______________________
3.      ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________

Vice President  for Membership: The VPM serves as assistant to the President,  maintains membership roster,  takes care of large scale correspondence, sending out e-vites for special events, managing RSVPs, etc. and assumes responsibilities if  President cannot complete her term.
1.      Dawn Stewart
2.      _________________________
3.      __________________________

Vice President for Activities: The VPA initiates Guild programming, maintains lists of current bees, schedules swaps.
1.      Nancy Bautro
2.      Linda Schiffer
3.      ___________________________

Vice President for Communications: The VPC takes minutes of each meeting and notes of all motions made and carried out at each general or special meeting and ensures all communications vehicles are maintained.
1.      Diane  Winter
2.      ______________________________
3.      _____________________________

Vice President for Community Relations: · The VPC proposes donation opportunities to BMQG membership and organizes the delivery of any quilts made to the various charities.
1.      Kathy Schwebeland
2.      _________________________________
3.      _________________________________

Librarian:  The Librarian maintains a record of the Guild’s library and facilitates the lending of materials.
1.      Amy Verne
2.      _____________________________________
3.      _____________________________________
4.      _____________________________________
5.      _____________________________________
Treasurer: · The Treasurer receives and banks all Guild monies, disburses funds as authorized by the Executive Board, maintains records of all funds and prepares proposed annual budget.
1.      Maria O’Haver
2.      _______________________________________
3.      _______________________________________

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Meeting

We had a fabulous meeting today.  Twenty one quilts (and several books) were turned in for the Log Cabin Challenge to benefit the Kennedy Kreiger Early Head Start center.  We had a large variety from very modern to very cute!  The kids will love them!  They will be hung at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore in October and then given to the babies in the Head Start Program.

Laura's quilt

Back of Laura's quilt

Heather's quilt

Paint box by Deb 

Amy's quilt

Back of Amy's quilt

Vintage sheet quilt by Heather

Add caption

Kimberly's quilt

Back of Kimberly's quilt

Vintage sheet quilt by Heather

Amy's quilt

Machine embroidered Sock Monkeys by Nancy

quilt by Daniela
Machine embroidered Monster quilt by Nancy

Cupcake quilt by Daniela

Cupcakes and Monkeys by Daniela

Janet Schoenfeld wasn't able to be at the meeting but here is her quilt.

Sorry I didn't remember all the names!  Please tell us in the comments if you see yours!

Here are the two blogs mentioned at the meeting today:

Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle  is a British blog written by the witty Hadley.  She is a modern quilter.

The Inbox Jaunt is written by a quilter named Lori.  She has FMQ tutorials which are a little different and easy to follow.  They are more motifs than all over patterns but I find it very interesting how she breaks down the steps.

Bee blocks were exchanged (lots of nice ones!).  Leftover charm swaps were available.  Three people made aprons and exchanged them (sorry I didn't get pictures).  The participants in the Round Robin brought in their assignments and got new ones.