Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stars for Bingo

Quilt Bingo is coming on Friday, October 3. We'll be making four quilts as prizes for the special games. First up, is the star quilt. We're collecting 12 1/2" (finish 12") blocks with a star, any type of star - wonky, friendship, Arkansas, sawtooth, eccentric, pieced, appliqued, etc. Stars should be any shade of blue, green, aqua, or teal and background should be white. Either prints or solids are okay. Blocks are due by the May meeting. Thanks.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Riley Blake Challenge Quilts

 Today was our monthly meeting.  A good crowd gathered at the Owings Mills Library (while it snowed outside) and enjoyed a huge show and tell.

First, our president, Deb, brought us up to date and we voted on new Education Chairs.   We learned more about our Quilt Bingo (coming in October) from Kathy.  A few ideas for big quilts to be made cooperatively were shared and will be posted here soon.  Volunteers for the quilt bingo will be needed in several categories.  News of the upcoming sew-in, the Sewing Expo, and future speakers was shared.

Dawn and Heather gave an entertaining and informative talk of how they have gotten published and written patterns for magazines and books.  Both said luck and be willing to be open to new opportunities as they presented themselves were important to them.  They are both continuing to work in new directions.

We had a great showing of the Riley Blake Challenge quilts.  Get ready for lots of pictures!

Dawn's Play Quilt

Rebecca's fabulous quilt

Monica shared her work in progress.

Look at this quilting!

Amy decided to add some improv to her quilt.

And a fun back!

Janet's dramatic quilt

Brooke made a small quilt using paper piecing and photo transfer

Kathy's Losses and Crosses

Deb made a knitting needle holder.

Hayley made this pillow is made to resemble the flag of South Africa.

The reverse shows a map of Africa with a heart over South Africa.

Erin made a sewing machine cover.

Heather shows Daniella's cute bag using a measuring tape closure.

Curvy inprov by Laura

Reverse side with porthole.

Beautiful pillow by Phyllis.

Heather's pillow

Summer made hanging pockets

And a small quilt using other Riley Blake fabrics

Maria used the improv string technique.
 We also had lots of people bring in fabulous quilts for show and tell!

This is Amy's round robin medallion quilt that she finished this month.

This is Amy's Bee Block quilt that she finished in January.

This is a fabulous quilt by Amy in January (she was really on a roll!).

Rebecca made a version of Heather's Moda Bake Shop quilt.

Brooke made this for a friend.  Lucky friend!

Kathy finished a flag quilt a few months before Independence Day.

Kathy used a Raggedy Ann she found at our last Guild Garage sale on the back of her flag quilt.
(Next garage sale is next month!)

Maria finished her flannel quilt she started in Jacquie Gering's workshop.

Flannel qult back with great quilting

Maria made this quilt at an Asilomar workshop.  The reflections are fabulous!

Lisa's Valentine quilt

Lisa's one day experiment with the mini-hex ruler from Julie Herman

Pillow for a lucky baby!

Hayley added embroidery to this pillow for a birthday girl.

Pat's bee block quilt- such great colors!

And a Catvent quilt!

Heather's final brown quilt!

Rose's first quilt!  And she quilted it herself!

Summer made a rainbow quilt from a Moda Bake Shop recipe.

Peacock quilt!  Nice work, Helen!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to our great meeting!  My apologies for not remembering all the names- just email me and I will add them!

Modern Spin BOM February

Hi all!

Two blocks today! They're super simple yet have striking results. One is all half square triangles, the other is strip pieced.

Here's the first one: Annie's Choice

You'll need (8) 4" squares of background fabric and (8) 4" squares of print fabric.

There are several ways to make half square triangles. I'm in the cut it a little bit bigger and trim down to square it up camp. So I usually go with an inch larger than what I want my finished piece to be. In this case, I want a 3" finished hst unit, so I cut my squares to 4". Technically, if you can rock the perfect 1/4" seam, you can cut everything to 3 7/8" and be done with it. For me, I hate measuring to the 1/8th inch and I'm not always perfect on that 1/4" seam. So, I go big and trim.

Draw a diagonal line on the back of all of your background pieces (I use a ruler and mechanical pencil.) Match each of these up with a print square, right sides together. Sew a 1/4 inch seam on each side of the diagonal line. Cut units in half on the line. Press open (I press to the dark side) and then trim to 3 1/2".

Lay your blocks out like this:

Sew in rows then in columns and you're done!

Next block: Basket weave

Cut strips 1.5" wide x wof (width of fabric)

Cut 3  from fabric A
Cut 3 from fabric B

Sew together strip sets: ABA  then BAB.

Press seams to the darker fabric. Sub cut these strips to 3.5" units. You should cut 8 units from each strip set.

Arrange your blocks like this:

Sew in rows and columns and you're finished! Two more blocks!

Here's what mine look like so far:

Thanks for sewing with me. See you next month!