Sunday, March 30, 2014

BMQG Feather Quilt Project

Linda's Feather Tutorial

Linda volunteered to put together a feather quilt to donate to our Quilt Bingo in October.   She organized a sew-in to get members started.   Inspiration for creating a feather quilt came from Anna Marie Horner and you can find pictures of it on her page.

Linda drafted up a feather template/foundation in the same size/shape which is great to learn how to put one together especially if you are only creating one or two.   The original Anna Marie Horner quilt was done using strip piecing and templates, and there are tutorials posted on her page.

Linda's guidelines to create a feather for our quilt:

Scraps of fabric for the 'feather' spines - and about 4" to 6" by whatever size you have ( the scraps don't have to be square, they can be rectangles/strips). You will want a narrow dark scrap at least 3/4" wide for the central spine of each feather you piece (whatever neutral solid fabric you like:) 

As far as colors/prints, use whatever appeals to you. Nature has a LOT of different kinds of birds and diversity makes a quilt more interesting. We are using a white background. The finished feathers measure about 6" x 20", a little variance from that is fine.

 Pictures from the sew-in at the Randallstown Library:




March BOM

Hey All!

Sorry for the delay! I've got two blocks for you for March: Double T and Spinning Stars.

Let's start with Double T

You'll need:

(1) 5" square of color 1
(1) 5" square of color 2
(2) 5" squares of background
(1) 4.5" square background for center
(8) 2.5" squares of color 1
(8) 2.5" squares of color 2
(8) 4.5" x 2.5" rectangles of background

Make half square triangles with the red/white and green/white 5" squares. Trim to 4.5" square. Set aside.

Make flying geese.  There are hundreds dozens of ways to make flying geese. This is one of them! First, set up your machine for easy chain piecing. Take a piece of painters tape and run it from just below where your needle is, down the length of you machine towards you. This is so you don't have to mark the back of the 2.5" squares with a sewing line. Take one background rectangle. Place a colored 2.5" square on one side. Sew from the left top corner, out to the lower right corner, keeping the lower right "point" of the pieces on the edge of the painters tape. Chain stitch all of the right sides to the background rectangles. Important: If you look at the flying geese, you'll notice red on the right side and green on the left side on half four of the geese. It's reversed for the other four, red on left, green on right. Make sure you sew the squares accordingly.

Make 8 flying geese units.  Sew the flying geese together in pairs. When sewing the geese pay attention to the top X where the seams come together. Sew right on or just to the right of the X. You don't want to cut off any points!

Once your geese are sewn in pairs, lay out your blocks and sew together in rows, just like in previous blocks! You're finished!

Next block: Spinning Stars (super easy!)


(4) 6.5" blocks assorted colors for background
(2) rectangles 7" x 4" for star points (note: I used kona white for my stars. If you're using a print, or a fabric that has a definite right and wrong side, you'll need to double this fabric.)

Cut background (white) in half on the diagonal.

Place cut triangle on top of background fabric.

Do a test flip, to make sure the triangle will cover the background fabric when sewn.

Sew a quarter inch seam, following the cut edge of the white fabric. Trim out background fabric, press, square to 6.5". Repeat for remaining 3 pieces of background (green) fabric. Arrange 4 blocks so that the star "spins". Sew together in  and rows. That's it ~ easy peasy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Your Curve On Workshop - Sherri Lynn Woods is Coming to Baltimore

We are very excited that Sherri Lynn Woods will be traveling to the east coast to teach her workshop, "Get Your Curve On," on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at Spring Water Designs Quilting in Columbia, MD. Cost of the 8-hour workshop is $80 for guild members. Here's what's in store - 

We have 5 2 spots left. If you'd like to join us, submit payment via Paypal to read more about Sherri's workshops visit: and

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take a look at these beauties

Hopefully, you know that we're making blocks for quilts to give as prizes at Quilt Bingo (which is scheduled for Friday, October 3, 2014). The first quilt will be a stars quilt. I have some of the first stars that BMQG members have made on my design wall and I just have to show them off. This is going to a fantastic quilt. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 9, 2014 Meeting

Wow, we had a great turnout for our March meeting.   Big thanks to those who worked our booth at the Baltimore Sewing Expo.   We had over 60 people sign-up for more information about out guild, and 10 people attended and joined at the March meeting. 


March Show and Share:

Daniela presented a tutorial on how to create a quilted purse or tote that uses pieces of a 1" metal tape measure to create a bag closure that will snap open and shut.  Daniela emphasized the importance of being extremely careful when cutting the metal strips. She advised to round the edges with your scissors, always cut over a trash can to catch the small, sharp, pieces,  and apply masking tape to trimmed edges so they won't cut through the bag fabric. Thanks Daniela!!.


 Several guild members attended a weekend retreat and brought their quilt tops to share with the group.   It's very inspiring to see how much you can accomplish in a few days without the distractions of home life!


UFO's: This very cold winter in Baltimore has inspired members to complete their unfinished quilt so they can make room for new projects. 
We also saw some projects from classes attended on quilt design, bag construction, and piecing techniques.