Sunday, July 12, 2015

July Meeting

We met today at the Arbutus Library.  Deb started the meeting with some exciting dates.  We have some sew-ins coming up and a retreat is being planned for the second weekend in January.  More details will be available soon.  We also met with our Bee groups and exchanged blocks and directions for next month.

Janet presented a technique she learned at Quilt Con from Victoria Findlay-Wolfe ( you can visit her blogs at Bumblebeans and 15 Minutes of Play ).  Janet demonstrated how to create "Made Fabric" and then cut it apart using templates.  She also shared her Big Tote Bag that she finished yesterday in Heather Kojan's class at the MAQ retreat.

After Janet's demo, Becca started our Show and Tell with this beautiful big block baby quilt for the Baltimore Early Head Start Program.

And this is Becca's Scrap Vortex.

Becca made this quilt as a demo for a pattern made by Megan Dougherty.
She has had a busy month!

Elaine made these two bags for her upcoming trip to Tuscany.

Deb managed to finish her oldest UFO!  This pillow was part of a hand sewing class she took when she was just learning to quilt.

Carol is making a set of mini-quilts for a display.  This cute block is the October mini-quilt.  Check out the teeth!

 Elizabeth made her quilt to display the Cascade fabric line by Jessica Levitt.  She made it reversible!

 MJ finished up some projects.  She started with some placemats using curves, EQ7, and bias binding.

She made a baby quilt for a friend's new granddaughter.

 And she made a big block baby quilt for the Baltimore Early Head Start.

Finally, she finished her quilt from the Denyse Schmidt workshop!  Way to go, MJ!

Sarah completed her Riley Blake challenge quilt!  We had a little discussion about posting your challenge quilt pictures on social media using the hashtag #mqgfabricchallenge.

 Sarah also completed her first garment, the pretty washi dress she is wearing (look at the above pictures).

 New member, Rebecca brought her completed quilt for her nephew.

 Linda showed us her latest block.  So colorful!

Judy made this awesome skateboarding quilt.

Amy brought two small quilts to share.  The first one is a shirts quilt using Carolyn Friedlander's pattern that Amy enlarged.

Can you read her next one?

Lastly, we had two lovely quilts by a new member but I don't have her name (I can add it if someone knows it).  She made this interesting quilt and supported the overhanging part so it would hang correctly.

And here she is with another beautiful and interesting quilt.

And that wraps up the Show and Tell!  Hope everyone is enjoying making their challenge quilts, big block baby quilts, and Baltimore in Words quilt blocks!  Have a great month!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

June Guild Meeting

We had a great meeting with lots of members in attendance. Our meeting included 1) Block exchanges, 2)  our change purse swap,  3) a design presentation by Rose teaching some alternate grid design techniques that are popular in modern quilting. 4) a discussion by the House of Ruth in Baltimore on their B-More Bags fundraising project, and 5) our "Show and Share" time for members to show their finishes while discussing what they learned in the process.

Bee Block Exchanges and Finishes


Coin Purse Swap



Alternate Grid Discussion

Rose led our alternate grid discussion. She started by reviewing all of the pictures on our blog for examples of traditional grid designs used by quilters to Alternate Grid layouts popular in modern quilting today. By using our quilts as a basis, Rose discussed layouts we have not used, to spark ideas and discussion on how best to design and piece them. Rose also brought card stock pre-cut into our favorite shapes to practice alternate grid layouts in small groups. The activity was a great complement to our discussion  We all came away with some inspiration to try something new. If you missed this meeting, you can find out more here on the Modern Quilt Guild site. This page also provides references to a number of books and articles that go into more detail on the topic.


 House of Ruth Fundraising Project

Jessica presented the types of bags the B-More Bags project makes to support the non-profit organization, the House of RuthB-More Bags are designed and hand crafted entirely by volunteers. Our guild is scheduling a Sew-In date to learn the patterns and techniques to create their bags.  Erin is coordinating this for the guild and will send out details for an August date. 

Member Show and Share

We presented Erin with a baby quilt made by the guild, Congratulations Erin on a beautiful baby girl!