Monday, January 11, 2016

1/10/2016 Meeting Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from Sunday's meeting
We presented our outgoing president, Deb Kleiner, with a quilt made for her by guild members.

Mary Thomas gave a presentation on inserting zippers in bags
Guild members participated in Show and Share with beautiful examples of their work.
Elizabeth Timmons

Barbara Schafer

Carol Rubin

Marcia Schwartz

Judy Dunlop

Carol Fox

Rebecca Ruch

Deb Kleiner

Amy Hood

Laura Rieben

Judy Hyatt

We all admired our finished charity quilt that is headed to Quilt Con next week. This word quilt is a tribute to Baltimore landmarks and icons. Participating guild members each pulled a name of one of the landmarks(icons) and then designed a block to highlight it. Other guild members pieced the blocks into a finished top and quilted it. It was quite an accomplishment!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bees for 2016!

It is that very exciting time of the year: time for the bees!  This year the bees will start in February and will run for six months.  Each member will have a chance to be the Queen Bee for a month.  When you are the Queen Bee, you will be choosing the block designs, deciding on the fabrics and colors, and collecting two blocks from each quilter in your bee. We are going to ask each quilter to make two of each block.  

For the first time, we are also asking one person to be the Beekeeper for the bee.  The Beekeeper will collect the extra handout for us to save, and keep track of who has turned in their blocks and who may need an extra reminder.  We had a very successful first year but a few people sadly did not complete all of the blocks.  We hope each quilter who signs up will work very hard to complete all of the blocks.

These are the three choices for the 2016 Bees:

Pinterest Board for Simply Elegant

Improve your Improv

Please limit the number of pieces to under 100!

Anything Goes Pinterest Board

Members can sign up at the February meeting or on the Google docs at the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild Google group site.  Or you can email me, Laura Rieben.