Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2/14/2016 Meeting Highlights

Here are some Highlights from our  meeting on February 14, 2016.

Zipper Pouch Swap

We had a zippered pouch swap among participating members. You can see the personalities of our members come out in the pattern choices. Everyone enjoyed their new pouches!

Quilt Bingo


This quilt was made from blocks created by participants at our recent quilting retreat and quilted by M J Snyder. It will be given as a prize at the Guild's Quilt Bingo scheduled for October.

Show & Share

Twenty members participated in Show & Share.  See some of their beautiful work below.

Laura Rieben

Erin Neuland

M J Snyder

Kathy Schwabland

Shelli Smith

Maria O'Haver

Carol Rubin

Ruthie Gumnitzky

Judy Hyatt

Sarah Williams

Alma Katsu

Mary Thomas

Diane Winter

Gayne Barlow-Kemper

Summer Rankin

Janice Barry

Janet Schoenfeld

Sarah Barrett

Elizabeth Timmons