Monday, July 11, 2016

Meeting Highlights July 10, 2016

This month

We had a name tag exchange for new members.

We exchanged Bee Blocks

We collected completed blocks for the latest Bingo Quilt.

We collected  blocks for Orlando quilts

We had a Share and Tear which will eventually become quilts to benefit the  Early Head Start Program.

Participants each brought 1 yard of solid color fabric. That yard was torn in half and half was passed to the person on your right. That half-yard was torn in half and half was passed right. Now, that quarter yard was torn in half and passed right. Eventually the pieces got to small to tear again. See the piles at their feet. Now all of the pieces are taken home and fabric is added to make a small quilt. The quilts will be donated to the Early Head Start program and given to a toddler along with a book. We anticipate much cuddling and reading under these soon-to-be quilts. 

We had Show & Share
Elizabeth Timmons
Carol Rubin
Laura Baltatzis

Andee McKenna

Rebecca Ruch  with 2 completed quilts for Orlando

Judy Dunlap

Heather Kojan

Rebecca Severt

Anne Sullivan

Mary Concannon

Rose Daley with her tuffet & Rose and Phyllis Cook with Bmore Bags

Anne Hussein

Judy Dunlap