Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Meeting Highlights

Our meeting of January 8 was held at the Arbutus Library.  We had 45 people in attendance, including several guests.  Congratulations to everyone who won a raffle prize!  Prizes were BMQG tote bags, mini-quilt planners, and one large quilt planner.

There were 18 people who participated in Show & Share.  I hope I managed to get pictures of everyone!

Before Show & Share, Shelli showed us several examples of previous "Quilt in a Box" and Mystery Quilts she has participated in:

Show and Share:
Erin made an adorable doll for her daughter.
Ruthie shows the apron she made.
Ruthie also showed her completed quilt from our 2015 guild quilt-a-long based on
Elizabeth Hartman's book Patchwork City.
Elizabeth T. added a zippered pen holder for her planner.
Rebecca R shared her large anchor quilt.
Phyllis showed us a few of her Pac-Man blocks.

Rebecca S showed a baby quilt, and a paper-pieced quilt.

Heather shared a baby quilt made with vintage sheets

Heather also shared a lap-sized quilt.

Laura B had several small quilts........  including a Hobbit-themed one.
Janet's modern lap-quilt.
Claudia shows one of her customer's quilts.

Claudia was working on enlarging blocks....Here is the super-sized version!

Mary C and her disappearing 9-patch quilt...front...     and back.

Shelli and her pink fox quilt.

Shelli enlarged a single block for this quilt
Laura R. shared a pillow.

No, it's not an invisible quilt!  MJ showed us hand exercises to help strengthen our hands.

Maria shared a small lap quilt.
Janet also shared a bag from the December scrap swap.
Rose showed us a fold-up changing station.

Judy H. showed 2 quilts using the same pattern.

Judy D. shared her sewing machine mat with pockets from the December scrap swap.