Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Plans for 2019

Here is the list of proposed meeting dates/subjects for this year. As we get closer to 
the date for each meeting, the place and exact details will be shared via our group email list.

January 13 - 2 to 4:30 p.m., Catonsville Public Library - Program Overview for 2019 - Start the New Year “Write” - Name Tag Swap

February 10 - Best of 2018, show workshop projects, mystery quilts, quilt in a box
     - Announce Bees and sign ups
     - Name Tag Swap Announcement 2nd time

March 9-10 - Jacquie Gering workshop and lecture
     - Start of Bees

April 14 - Head Start Kick Off, Animal Theme
     - Name Tag Swap
     - Quiltcon Nashville Experience Shared, attendees talk about workshops, lectures, booths, swaps, vendor shopping, slide show

May 19 - Members Only Workshop TBD

June 8-9 - Chawne Kimber workshop and lecture

July 14 - Impulse Buys - HOT or NOT?
     Machines, irons, lights, spool stands, portable pressing stations/wool pressing boards, light boxes,    etc OR Summer Cake and Quilting

August 11 - Field Trip to Domesticity Fabric shop & Studio, new location! Lauraville 

September 8 - Head Start quilts presented
     - Make a Mini, Make A Friend
     - Learn Something New- Ways to Bind & Baste Hand, Machine, Facing & Glue, Spray, Thread

October 15 - Special Visitor - BLING!  Best of Show winning quilt from 2017 Quiltcon
     - Quiltcon 2020, Austin TX, Question & answer for members who want more information about attending.

November 10 - Speaker ??
December 8 - Holiday Gathering & Make a Mini, Make a Friend Swap

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