Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spring is in the air this March. So far 2020 has been very busy for our guild. There were four main events in the March meeting: Timna Tarr speaking, charity quilt reveal, one word challenge quilt reveal, and show & share. See below for some of the highlights.

Timna Tarr Speaker and Visit: Timna came all the way from Massachusetts to provide a "Map Quilt" workshop on Saturday and to speak at our guild meeting on Sunday. Timna is a professional long-arm quilter, but her personal quilts are also spectacular. She explained her fascination with squares, circles, and color. Here are some of her amazing works below.


One Word Quilt Challenge- This month was the big reveal for the One Word Quilt Challenge. This challenge was a follow-up from our January mini-clinic on different methods of displaying text on  quilts. Our members were creative using stitching, applique, piecing, and painting. The quilts of all sizes showed a variety of talent and creativity.

Read below for details about each chosen word. See if you can match it to the artist
Breath - Kathy P. - This word reminds me of this essential tool in my toolbox for keeping anxiety at bay. It was her first time doing improv, inspired by Chawne Kimber
Breathe - Sue W.- The word breathe is a reminder for me to take a moment during stressful times of my day at work. I plan to hang this above my desk.
Clarity - Laura B. - I am focusing on refining my life, particularly my sewing life to only contain what is right for me and my family
Confidence - Emily S. - I chose confidence because I’m a new quilter and because I struggle with imposter syndrome at work, especially since returning after having my daughter. Used paper piecing, hand-written made fabric, and free motion writing and quilting.
Finish - Daniela S. - I chose Finish because my goal for 2020 is to finish my UFO’s. I also included a mini UFO on a finish line to represent my goal.
Focus - Jane S. I chose focus so I can have the quilt there to remind me to keep with something until it’s complete
Freedom - Janine F - I have struggled with “internal” freedom and felt creativity is central to who I am
Grit - Marisa K - I chose grit because it is how I work every day.  I dig in hard and hopefully make something better each day.  NO GRIT, NO PEARL
Injustice - Ruthie G. - This quilt is part of a block of the month with the National Quilt Museum.  There was controversy over including it because it was created by a social action group, making a statement about Trayon Martin.
Janteloven - Jenn P. A Scandinavian word meaning to not strive for perfection, don’t be boastful or try to better than anyone else.
Justice - Sue T. - I chose justice because I am particularly concerned with environmental, social, economic, and criminal justice reform in the US and around the world and wanted to highlight it.
Kind - Susan B - Because I think kindness should be the norm.  Bee Kind!
Mercy - Jeff P. - The song “Mercy Now” by Mary Gauthier pretty much says it all
Moxie - Mega B - I chose moxie because it represents the way I want to approach all aspects of life.  Lots of firsts in the quilt: first mini quilt, FPP letters, improv background, non vertical line quilting, more than one color thread
Piano - Marsha B. - I am a retired music teacher and my instrument is the piano. Being retired, now I can play whatever I want and am enjoying playing new music and music I have played for years.
Retired - Phyllis C. - I retired 2 days ago so this was foremost in my mind.  The background is a bicycle chain which I hope to do more of in retirement. Bicycling – not bike repair.
Savage - Megan P. - After a difficult year last year I have really thought about putting my own artistic goals first this year and making my own goals a priority.  I’m read to “attack” my goals and I’m all “charged” up and ready for action!
Thankful - Connie R. - I did my work in Hebrew.  It is the first word you say when you wake up in the morning.
Vote -Barbara S. - I believe that Americans, regardless of their political views should speak up through the ballot box.
Vote and *%@#! – Susie M. – I chose vote because I feel like this election is one of the most important regarding women’s rights, note the reference to The Handmaid’s Tale. I chose a coded curse word because that is how I feel sometimes when making a mistake in sewing
Woodlea - Mary S. - Means by the woods, my favorite things to do is walk through the woods – it is my happy place.




Comfort Cases Charity Quilts - This month we wrapped up our charity quilts for Comfort Cases, a charity that provides a comforting gift to children entering foster care.


Show and Share - Our members have been very busy. See below for all of the amazing talent our members have together.

Monica  made 4 amazing quilts recently. She made a charity quit, two matching fox quilts for twins, and a charity quilt
Jenn  used fabric from a guild to make a donated charity quilt (HST pictured)
Susie finished her crab quilt improvised from last year's members only workshop and pattern.
Phylis J. finished the top of her grid design quilt 

Laura B- made a 3in triangle from a class that she took. Laura also used half rectangles. This quilt is donated to Head Start
Pat S. completed a block of the month quit with half square triangles. With the left overs from the half square triangles she made a bonus pillow that she is donating to bingo! 
Ruthie G. finished a Woodstock quilt challenge for her first quilt. In her 2nd quilt she used a mat using marine vinyl and used fusion to add the colors along with mod podge and polyurethane; she also made a matching toaster cover! 
Phyllis C. made a baby quilt for a friend from high school for her granddaughter named Violet. 
Kim F sewed a charity quilt 
Sarah L. took a straight line quilting class from quilt con, she also took a precision piecing class for her second quilt 

Jane bought some fabric in Florida and made a wonky circle style quilt
Amy V.  made a lunch box, the pattern was bought on Etsy 
Janine F. finished a quilt her mom made by completing the binding (see squares on point below) She also made a black a blue quilt for her husband (not pictured)
Daniela finished her book quilt and made into a quillow for her daughter. It is an Angela Pingel design 
Emily completed her 2 mini quilts, a heart and flower 
Elizabeth T started her quilt 5 years ago and  now it is finished!! (far bottom left, blue with interlocking "watches")
Susan B. completed her white and green quilt  that was made of a neighbor's grandchild
Barbara used fabric and pattern from quilty box; this is her first big modern quilting project 


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